Why TTP Turbos?


Small privately owned, turbocharger dedicated facility located in New Jersey. Turbo Time Performance / Turbo Time USA has been in operation building turbochargers since 2015. Engineering brings nearly 30 years of experience in mechanical systems from marine, gas, diesel, and turbines with the last 10 years focused on performance turbocharger upgrades for the diesel industry. This experience also includes two utility patents. 


Build and upgrade turbocharger systems specifically for diesel trucks. We take recognized genuine OE turbo brands such as Holset/Cummins, Garrett/Fomoco, Borgwarner, etc and improve the performance capability and output capacity by upgrading the original system with custom design parts. Parts include:

  • Turbines
  • Billet compressors
  • Specific internal parts ranging from ring/seals, bearings, etc


Depending on application and supplier availability, turbos are built on either brand new (out of the box) OE turbos or quality cores. Core built models are provided with new critical hardware components for reliable use. Balanced with Schenck machinery (one of the best names in balancing systems). Processes include but not limited to:

  • Media blasting
  • CNC & Lathe Machining
  • Assembly Balancing
  • Painting
  • Laser Printing
  • Assembly
  • Packaging/Shipping


As a smaller company, we may not receive the amount of recognition or promotion as other names that are pushed within the industry. However, dozens of reputable shops across the country as well as multiple retailers use and sell our products. We have been featured in DIESEL WORLD MAGAZINE along with local and international trade show events like SEMA & PRI. Also, many customers with growing social media channels continue to share related performance content including real world product reviews, tractor pulls, and dyno runs. 


Unfortunately there is quite a bit of confusion around this matter with buzz words and terminology slung around with some truth and a lot of inaccuracies. While there are some misconceptions around Chinese manufacturing, not everything produced in China is necessarily bad. Quality parts can be produced in China. However, some of the messages and information being spread by individuals or companies within the industry may be misguided or intentionally misleading.

Where are the turbos built?

As noted previously, our turbo upgrades are built in-house here in the USA on genuine platforms. However, OEM companies such as Holset, Garrett/Fomoco, BorgWarner, etc have factories all around the world even some in China. So technically you could have an OE genuine quality turbo that was originally produced in another country. 

OEM vs Aftermarket?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is the turbo producer & patent owner of the turbo originally found in your vehicle. "Aftermarket" could be interpreted as a modified OE product produced by an independent company using domestic or international parts differing from the OE parts. It could also mean a "OE spec" carbon-copy of the OEM turbo design produced by any number of manufacturers overseas.

Genuine or "Counterfeit"? 

A "genuine" OEM turbo model would be considered an original brand like HOLSET, GARRETT/FOMOCO, BORGWARNER, IHI, ETC. These brands are produced exclusively within that company's facilities, machinery, metallurgy requirements, casting, build processes, and quality control. Meaning, no matter where in the world the product is produced, it is the same guaranteed product under their name. 

A aftermarket or "counterfeit" from China would be considered a carbon-copy model of the OEM brand part. These aftermarket copies tend to be cheaper to produce with reduced metallurgy consistency, spec accuracy, quality control etc. They will also not contain the branded cast markings found on the OEM genuine cast parts. These less costly models are often sourced by more "performance turbo companies" today in which they can simply request certain spec sizes and custom logo cast housings at a significantly cheaper rate, importing by the pallet.

What's the difference if everything is made in China?

A OEM genuine model produced in China at their own facility is still shown to be of significantly higher quality and cost than a carbon-copy model cheaply produced down the road or in another town by any number of aftermarket factories. 

Where are YOUR parts made?

Many of our upgrade parts are custom designed by our engineer. Many of these custom designed parts are sourced both domestically and internationally. Though our turbos are built in house with genuine platforms, some custom components are produced to our required spec between the United States, South America, Europe, China and Malaysia. Many of our sourced performance components undergo additional treatment and modification in house. 



We hope to answer common questions and concerns regarding turbo selection industry wide. Though the scope of this page cannot cover every possible question and topic, we hope this can provide useful insight for our customers and individuals considering a turbo replacement or upgrade for their truck. While being as transparent as possible, we strive to build the the best performing turbos with the best quality at a fair and affordable market price.



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