Krazyiron Part 1

Maximizing Drop in VGT Possibilities

Krazyiron’s Quest.
In pursuit of making the ultimate daily/weekend track warrior, Chaz Palmer aka Krazyiron, as you may know him on social media, has had quite a road over the years with his 6.0L Powerstroke. Krazyiron set out in collaboration with Turbo Time Performance (TTP Turbos), RGRacing, and On 3 Dyno & Performance in search of how far he could take his near stock, but bulletproofed 6.0L. With the right combination of turbo, fuel, and tuning, he would push the limits of his mainly stock truck. For this gauntlet, he chose the Predator GXR-7 Velocity turbo from Turbo Time Performance.
Predator GXR-7 Velocity Powerstroke 6.0L
In his first anticipated round, he reached 574hp at 1121/ftlb with 175/stock injectors.
A year after his initial run, now with 205/100 injectors, Krazyiron saw a staggering 664hp at 1350ftlb. Still not satisfied, he ran a shot of nitrous boasting 744hp at 1495ftlb.
His truck has been ran on multiple dynos including a superflow and HUB design with numbers remaining consistent within a 15-20hp margin. However, it has not been without its share of setbacks, including several transmissions and blown injector seals. Notably impressive was how well the turbo held up with over two years of driving, towing, racing, and dyno testing. The turbo was sold to another owner and is currently still running at the top of its game. Stay tuned for the next round update on Krazyiron’s NON-VGT turbo swap in collaboration with the current team as well as Larry at SoCal Billet Inc.

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    Special thanks to the team and to Diesel World Magazine 



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