Warranty Support Information


New 2 year warranty policy in effect for orders made after January 2020. Orders placed before that date retain the original 1 year policy coverage.



If you believe there may a problem with your turbocharger, do not continue to operate your vehicle. A professional certified diesel technician may be required to determine performance issues or confirm your turbocharger needs to be sent in for warranty inspection. Please contact support and begin a warranty claim immediately if recommended by your technician. 

- Vehicles can have many complex variables that directly & indirectly contribute to how a turbocharger performs. A perfectly operational turbocharger may exhibit erratic or lack of performance due to other system problems included but not limited to fueling, boost leaks, unstable or loose connections, electrical systems, fuses & sensors, internal engine issues or tuning. As a turbocharger supplier/manufacturer we are unable to offer vehicle troubleshooting/tech advice or diagnostics. Customers experiencing performance concerns will need to have their vehicle inspected & diagnosed by a reputable certified service center. -


Warranty / Return Policy

Returns and refunds within 30 days from the date of purchase are solely for undamaged, unused and uninstalled items in the original packaging. Restock/damage fees may apply. Refunds are for uninstalled/unused items only under the discretion of Turbo Time USA.

Turbo Time USA/Turbo Time Performance upgraded turbochargers are modified from the original brand name OEM supplied turbocharger platforms. It should be noted and considered that when changing or modifying anything on your vehicle to enhance performance; there is a higher risk of system wear, damage or failure to the turbo and other parts. Racing, heavy or extreme use and modifications dramatically increase these risks.

Turbo Time USA turbochargers include a 2 year limited warranty (US Only) against error or failure in workmanship. This warranty does not cover component or material failure on parts, components, or frames provided by OEM manufacturers. The 2 year warranty policy is in effect for orders made after January 2020. Orders placed before that date retain the original 1 year policy coverage.

A 1 year original manufacturer warranty on electronic components. Standard warranty policy may apply directly from the original manufacturer for stock replacement turbochargers and/or components. Warranty does not cover damages or failure due to installation mistakes, user error, poor maintenance/abuse, foreign object ingestion, alterations, tampering without authorization, or any external circumstance.

Turbochargers sustaining damage or failure due to poorly performing, poorly maintained, or improperly tuned operating engine systems are not covered under warranty.

Turbochargers (and/or) components under warranty are to be returned to Turbo Time USA within 30 days of initiated claim. Failure to return a product within the time window may result in denied or voided warranty claims. Accepted warranties only cover repair or replacement of the product in question by the original owner and is not transferable. Turbochargers sent in for warranty inspection must be complete and untampered with to be considered acceptable for inspection/analysis.

Any additional expenses in relation to the operation of the product are not covered.

Turbo Time USA holds no responsibility toward any cost including but not limited to vehicle damages/services/labor/rental costs/loss of wage/distress or any fees accrued by the use of any product whether under warranty coverage or not.

Products with active warranty claim coverage will undergo inspection and analysis to determine cause of failure/damage. Failures/damages due to error/defect in workmanship will be covered by replacement or repair of similar item under the discretion of Turbo Time USA.

Material failure of components produced by the OEM manufacturer are not covered. “Repairs or replacements of turbochargers due to material failure may qualify for part cost replacement meaning the cost of components or turbo will be billed to the customer for replacement.”

Buyer is subject to shipping charges on all returned items and to insure packages. Turbo Time USA is not responsible for late, lost, or stolen packages.

In the event of non qualifying damage or failure of a product, Turbo Time USA will assess damage/repair and charge the customer part cost.

Cancellations must be approved prior to shipping. Any item that has already shipped must be returned according to the return policy. All policies/procedures are under the discretion of Turbo Time USA

*Attempted charge backs by a customer may result in legal actions against the customer to recover balances due plus any legal & administration fees.

**International warranty coverage only includes repair at part cost charged to the customer. Customer responsible for part/repair & shipping charges.


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